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Indoor Playgrounds of Woodbridge

Joyous Planet

Looking for a new way to entertain your kids? How about a visit to a Joyous Planet indoor playground. It is located in Woodbridge and would be a great option for a weekend leisure with your children. In this party center your children can have the best play experience and memories.

As stated on their website, this indoor playground is filled with lots of fun-filled and exciting activities aimed at ensuring that kids enjoy a unique and quality time.

171 Marycroft Ave Unit 4, Woodbridge, ON L4L 5Y3 (View Map)

Check seasons, hours and other details before you go.


Candyland is an indoor playground, where your kids can play on over 13 000 square feet. If you have kids ages 1-12, in this center they will have the time of their lives. Their priority is to provide a safe, fun and creative way to spend free time.

As stated on their website, kids will love 20ft high play structure designed in Candy theme, the exciting ball shower, the eye click interactive floor game, 3 wave slides, a super hook slide, a jellybean themed obstacle room, a chocolate river-themed trolley glide, a variety of game areas, wall climbing, and a toddler’s area for little kids; you’re sure to have a great time!

311 Cityview Blvd #3, Woodbridge, ON L4H 3S7 (View Map)

Check seasons, hours and other details before you go.

The Play Cube

The Play Cube is an indoor playground with its own play area, dining area, kitchen and entrance. You can arrange a birthday party for your child or just spend a free weekend. While you kids enjoy various activities you can relax in the adjoining open seating section.

According to their website, they offer more than play time, they provide children with learning fun through educational and recreational programs. They also have special areas for infants and toddlers which contain gymnastic equipment helping your little one develop their balance and coordination.

8000 ON-27, Woodbridge, ON L4H 0A8 (View Map)

Check seasons, hours and other details before you go.

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