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Museums and Galleries in Toronto and GTA

Royal Ontario Museum

The Royal Ontario Museum was founded in 1914. It showcases art, culture and nature from around the world and across the ages. This is Canada’s largest and most comprehensive museum. In its 40 gallery and exhibition spaces the Royal Ontario Museum features 13 million artworks, cultural objects and natural history specimens.

According to its website, as the country’s preeminent field research institute and an international leader in new discoveries, the ROM plays a vital role in advancing our understanding of the artistic, cultural and natural world. Combining its original heritage architecture with the contemporary Daniel Libeskind-designed Michael Lee-Chin Crystal, the ROM serves as a national landmark, and a dynamic cultural destination in the heart of Toronto for all to enjoy.

100 Queens Park, Toronto, ON M5S 2C6 (View Map)

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Textile Museum

Visit the only museum in Canada dedicated to exploring the human experience through textiles. The Textile Museum of Canada is a great place for a family joyful visit. Its collection features 15 000 objects from 200 regions worldwide spanning 2 000 years.

According to their website, they are a small, boutique museum, easily accessible by public transit and close to many Toronto attractions. Make a trip to the Textile Museum of Canada a part of your Toronto visit – whether visiting our exhibitions, attending a workshop or checking out the Museum Shop, there’s something for everyone.

55 Centre Ave, Toronto, ON M5G 2H5 (View Map)

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Toronto Police Museum and Discovery Centre

Toronto Police Museum and Discovery Centre operating in partnership with the Toronto Police Service. It is a not-for-profit organization and was built entirely from private donations.

According to their website, whether you have only a few minutes or an hour or two, enjoy a delightful visit to the Toronto Police Museum and Discovery Centre. Occupying 3,000 square feet in the atrium at the Police Headquarters building, the Museum reflects the rich tradition and history of policing in our great city.

40 College St, Toronto, ON M5G 1K2 (View Map)

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Campbell House Museum

Campbell House Museum is a public space which informs and inspires visitors through its history, collections and unique context in the heart of downtown Toronto. The original Campbell House was built in 1822 which makes it the oldest surviving building from the Town of York and a remarkable example of Georgian architecture.

As stated on their website, Campbell House Museum is a space where members of Toronto’s diverse communities gather to discuss, to create, to perform and to socialize, giving life to the words “freedom of expression.” The museum acquires and preserves artifacts related to Chief Justice William Campbell’s life and times, and to Campbell House’s ongoing history.

160 Queen St W, Toronto, ON M5H 3H3 (View Map)

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Toronto Railway Museum

You like trains and want to know more about Toronto’s railway history? As stated on their website, the Toronto Railway Museum collects, preserves, raises funds and interprets Toronto’s Railroad history for citizens and visitors.

It offers exhibits, tours, educational programs for every visitor. If you are planning to travel near Toronto, think about visiting this place. It’s family-friendly and educational for kids.

255 Bremner Blvd, Toronto, ON M5V 3M9 (View Map)

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Museum of Illusions

Come to the Museum of Illusions if you want to challenge your eyes and mind. This place in Toronto fuses fun and entertainment with education and learning. Whether you are here by yourself or came with family or friends The Museum of Illusions Toronto offers to try an amazing adventure.

As stated on their website, with over 80 illusions, holograms, installations and exhibits, The Museum of Illusions provides unique and tailored experiences for all individuals and groups. Whether you’re a small child, student, educator, family, young or elderly, the Museum offers an intriguing visual, sensory and proprioceptive experience.

132 Front St E, Toronto, ON M5A 1E2 (View Map)

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Gardiner Museum

Gardiner Museum offers to witness the pure art as it is. Through numerous collections you can learn more about different periods of history of America, China, Japan, Europe and more. Here you can take part in classes in pottery studios for adults or bring your children.

As stated on their website, there’s plenty of space to reconnect and amazing art to discover in all corners of the Museum.

111 Queens Park, Toronto, ON M5S 2C7 (View Map)

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Black Creek Pioneer Village

In Black Creek Pioneer Village you can immerse in the 1860s and to see what it would look like to live in that period. It has 40 historic buildings, 70 rare breed animals, 10 gardens growing flowers and programs that engage you.

As stated on their website, Black Creek Pioneer Village uses its collection of 50,000 artifacts, interactive offerings, and monthly events to encourage visitors to explore the past while reflecting on our present.

1000 Murray Ross Pkwy, North York, ON M3J 2P3 (View Map)

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Spadina Museum

Spadina Museum is an amazing place where you can discover the history of Toronto during the 1900-1930 period through the lens of the Austin family. Since 1984 Spadina Museum has brought history to life. Take your family and friends to find out more about the First World War, the Great Depression and societal changes in Canada.

As stated on their website, Spadina’s artifacts feature the family’s contributions to the financial, business and cultural development of Toronto through an intact collection and archival holdings, music, art and decorative arts.

285 Spadina Rd, Toronto, ON M5R 2V5 (View Map)

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Museum of Contemporary Art

The Museum of Contemporary Art in Toronto offers a family-friendly and community space for discourse and creativity. It is working across all contemporary art forms, empowering the Local Toronto art scene and informing the international.

As stated on their website, MOCA is an accessible, welcoming hub rooted and engaged in a culturally rich neighbourhood; it is here, through art, that you can feel the specialness of this invigorating and hyper-diverse city.

158 Sterling Rd, Toronto, ON M6R 2B7 (View Map)

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